The United Negro College Fund

The United Negro College Fund and Van Andel Institute Graduate School are working together to recruit and train the next generation of researchers in the biomedical sciences, specifically in the cellular, molecular, and genetic biology of human disease.

UNCF plays a critical role in enabling more than 60,000 students each year to attend college. Van Andel Institute Graduate School (VAIGS) is committed to active recruitment at national conferences for undergraduates from UNCF-associated institutions, and to participation at regional or national conferences supporting young research scholars from typically underrepresented populations.

Van Andel Institute currently has scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and students from more than twenty-nine nations working in its labs. We are a very diverse institute whose only selection and hiring criteria are those of excellence and the ability to speak the common language of science. We welcome and celebrate further diversity.

– Steven J. Triezenberg, Ph.D., VAIGS President and Dean