Jordan Prahl

About Jordan Prahl

  • Jordan Prahl

    Undergraduate university: Grand Valley State University (B.S. in biology and biomedical sciences)
  • Thesis: To be determined.
  • Mentor: Gerry Coetzee, Ph.D.
  • Experience: For two years after earning his Bachelor’s degree, Jordan worked in DeVos Cardiovascular Research Program, a joint effort between Van Andel Research Institute and Spectrum Health, under the direction of Dr. Stefan Jovinge. During this time, he had the opportunity to work on several different platforms, acquire a variety of technical skills and receive mentorship from some amazing scientists. He also led a project to characterize cardiac sub-populations using surface markers and single cell technology.
  • Hometown: Kingsley, Michigan
  • Hobbies: Running, reading, playing guitar and visiting all the local microbreweries.

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Pierce SE, Tyson T, Booms A, Prahl J, Coetzee GA. 2018. Parkinson’s disease genetic risk in a midbrain neuronal cell line. Neurobiol Dis 114:53–64.