Robert Vaughan

About Robert Vaughan

  • Undergraduate UniversityGrand Valley State University (B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology)
  • Undergraduate University: Grand Rapids Community College (A.S.)
  • Other Education: Life EMS (EMT-Paramedic)
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    Robert Vaughan

  • Thesis: Epigenetic regulation through histone ubiquitination
  • MentorScott Rothbart, Ph.D.
  • Conferences:
    Keystone Symposium – Ubiquitin Signaling (2018)
    Cancer Biology Training Consortium (2017)
    ASBMB (2017)
    Epigenetics and Chromatin – CSHL (2016)
    Midwest Chromatin and Epigenetics (2016)
    Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference (2012)
    West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Research Conference (2012)

Shah RN, Grzybowski AT, Cornett EM, Johnstone AL, Dickson BM, Boone BA, Cheek MA, Cowles MW, Maryanski D, Meiners MJ, Tiedemann RL, Vaughan RM, Arora N, Sun ZW, Rothbart SB, Keogh MC, Ruthenberg AJ. 2018. Examining the roles of H3K4 methylation states with systematically characterized antibodies. Mol Cell.
*Video abstract

Vaughan RM, Dickson BM, Whelihan MF, Johnstone AL, Cornett EM, Cheek MA, Ausherman CA, Cowles MW, Sun ZW, Rothbart SB. 2018. Chromatin structure and its chemical modifications regulate the ubiquitin ligase substrate selectivity of UHRF1. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.

Vaughan RM, Dickson BM, Cornett EM, Harrison JS, Kuhlman B, Rothbart SB. 2018. Comparative biochemical analysis of UHRF proteins reveals molecular mechanisms that uncouple UHRF2 from DNA methylation maintenanceNucleic Acids Res.

Cornett EM, Dickson BM, Vaughan RM, Krishnan S, Trievel RC, Strahl BD, Rothbart SB. 2016. Substrate specificity profiling of histone-modifying enzymes by peptide microarrayMethods Enzymol.

June CM, Vaughan RM, Ulberg LS, Bonomo RA, Witucki LA, Leonard DA. 2014. A fluorescent carbapenem for structure function studies of penicillin-binding proteins, β-lactamases, and β-lactam sensorsAnal Biochem 463:70–74.