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  • Wooyoung Choi

    Wooyoung Choi

    Undergraduate University: Tsinghua University (B.S. in 2009 and M.S. in 2012)
  • Thesis: Students choose their thesis in March of their first academic year.
  • Mentor: Wei Lü, Ph.D. 
  • Experience: Resolved the structure of Beclin 1, which is an essential autophagic protein. Proposed a new role of glutamine in acid resistance in cancer cells. Determined the binding mechanism of CED4 and CED3, two key proteins in programmed cell death while at Tsinghua University. 
  • Hometown: Jeonju, South Korea

Fan C*, Choi W*, Sun W, Du J, Lü W. 2018. Structure of the human lipid-gated cation channel TRPC3. eLife 4;7.
*Co-first author

Huang W, Choi W, Chen Y, Zhang Q, Deng H, He W, Shi Y. 2013. A proposed role for glutamine in cancer cell growth through acid resistance. Cell Res 23:724–727.

Huang W, Jiang T, Choi W, Qi S, Pang Y, Hu Q, Xu Y, Gong X, Jeffrey PD, Wang J, Shi Y. 2013. Mechanistics insights into CED-4-mediated activation of CED-3. Genes Dev 27:2039–2048.

Huang W, Choi W, Hu W, Mi N, Guo Q, Ma M, Liu M, Tian Y, Lu P, Wang FL, Deng H, Liu L, Gao N, Yu L, Shi Y. 2012. Crystal structure and biochemical analyses reveal Beclin1 as a novel membrane binding protein. Cell Res 22:473–389.