Doctoral Program

One degree. Endless possibilities.

Van Andel Institute Graduate School’s Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology is a research-intensive, interdisciplinary program that prepares students for successful careers as independent investigators. Students receive in-depth training in the latest techniques across fields and disease areas, including epigenetics, genetics, cancer, neuroscience, metabolism, immunology, structural biology, bone biology and more.

The Graduate School uses an innovative, problem-based learning approach that trains students to conduct high-caliber, rigorous science and to translate basic biological findings into clinical applications, blending discovery with invention and insight with application. Students also undergo extensive professional development in areas such as leadership, ethics, responsible and effective conduct of research, public speaking, and grant and technical writing.

By the end of their time at the Graduate School, students are prepared to tackle science’s most pressing questions.


Year-by-year curriculum

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Course descriptions

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Retention and persistence

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