International students

Van Andel Institute Graduate School provides international students with the rigorous study of a world-class research institute and the support of a small, close-knit community. International applicants admitted to VAIGS will be sponsored in the J-1 student (college and university) visa category. Van Andel Institute is not currently designated to sponsor F-1 visas.

International admission requirements

International applicants should follow the same application process as non-international students. However, TOEFL scores are required for students who completed their studies in countries where English is not the official language. International students also are encouraged to allow additional time for their materials to reach Grand Rapids due to international shipping times. Visit our Admissions page for more information.

Exchange Visitor Program

Van Andel Institute’s Exchange Visitor Program provides courses of study, lectures, and research opportunities in the various fields of research conducted by Van Andel Research Institute for qualified foreign research scholars, short-term scholars, and specialists. The classification of each individual’s status depends on the purpose of the exchange visit, how the stay will be funded, and the anticipated duration of the stay. International applicants admitted to the Graduate School will be sponsored with a J1 visa through this program.

The Exchange Visitor Program is administered by the Office of Exchange Coordination and Designation of the U.S. Department of State. Additional information about and regulations of the Exchange Visitor Program may be found here.

Living in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids and West Michigan have a growing list of accolades—one of the top places to live, one of the top places to visit and one of the top cities for biopharmaceutical and research and development investment. Read more.