Current Students

Thesis project title to be determined
Thesis: TME impact on epithelial tumorigenesis in NF1-deficient breast cancer.
Thesis: Uncovering the functionality of PD risk-SNPs at the HLA locus in microglia
Thesis: Therapeutically targeting SWI/SNF mutant cancers
Thesis: Structural Basis of Regulation Mechanisms of TRPC3
Thesis: Investigating the mechanisms of LKB1-mediated inflammation in tumor progression
Thesis: Investigating the roles of lysine-methyltransferases in the epigenetic regulation of cardiac and skeletal myogenesis
Thesis: Structural mechanisms of Wnt-mediated Frizzled activation
Thesis: Genetic characterization of dementia in a Turkish cohort
Thesis: Investigating NF1 transcript variants in RAS deregulation and breast cancer progression
Thesis: Contributions of LRRK2 and alpha-synuclein in neuropathologic phenotypes of Parkinson’s disease
Thesis project title to be determined
Thesis: Building a mitotic clock
Thesis: Polysumoylation’s role in skeletal development and homeostasis
Thesis project title to be determined
Thesis: Structural, biochemical and pharmacological analysis of TRP channels in chemosensation and signaling
Thesis project title to be determined
Thesis: Receptor specificity of Wnt signaling
Thesis: Identification and exploitation of metabolic reprogramming in NF1-mutant breast cancer
Thesis project title to be determined
Thesis: Structure and repression mechanisms of plant MYC complexes: structural basis for MYC repressor-activator transition
Thesis: The role of the immune response in Parkinson’s Disease – a translational study in patients and model systems
Thesis: Defining molecular determinants of methyllysine-driven interactions
Mentor: TBD
Thesis project title to be determined
Thesis project title to be determined
Thesis: Identifying pathways of therapy resistance in NF1-related MPNST
Thesis: Engineering stem cells to treat osteoarthritis
Thesis: Caloric restriction in mice increases the functionality of T cells, offsetting tumor burden
Thesis project title to be determined
Thesis: Post-GWAS characterization of Parkinson’s disease risk-SNP rs356182
Thesis: Linking glycosylation changes in Pancreatic Cancer with metabolic dependencies
Thesis: Impact of toxins and nutrients on brain function and development
Thesis: Deep molecular characterization of DNA methylation in human colorectal cancer
Thesis: Mechanisms of oncohistone-mediated tumorigenesis
Thesis: Identifying intramolecular and intermolecular interactions regulating LRRK2 activity and neurotoxicity