Minge Du

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  • Minge Du

    Minge Du

    Undergraduate University: M.S. from Southeast University – Nanjing, China
  • Thesis: Function study of MHC I in central neuronal system
  • Mentor: Huilin Li, Ph.D.
  • Experience: Three years working experience in Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Ph.D. student in biochemistry and structural biology at Stony Brook University
  • Hometown: Shandong Province, China
  • Hobbies: Travelling and cooking

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Sun L, Yan M, Ding Z, Liu Y, Du M, Xi P, Liao J, Ji L, Jiang Z. 2014. Improved dominant selection markers and co-culturing conditions for efficient Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of Ustilago scitaminea. Biotechnol Lett 36(6): 1309–1314.

Yuan Z, Du M, Chen Y, Dou F. 2013. Construction of human Fab library and screening of a single-domain antibody of amyloid-beta 42 oligmers. Neural Regen Res 8(33):3107–3115.