Yanqing Liu

About Yanqing Liu

  • Yanqing Liu

    Undergraduate university: Sun Yat-sen University, China (Bachelor’s in Clinical Medicine, U.S. Equivalency: Doctor of Medicine)
  • Master’s university: Peking Union Medical College, China (Master’s in Imaging and Nuclear Medicine)
  • Thesis: TBD 
  • Mentor: Scott Rothbart, Ph.D.
  • Experience: During my Master’s degree in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, my thesis research focused on the clinical treatment and biological mechanisms of thyroid cancer. Specifically, I investigated more individualized management for early-stage thyroid cancer patients by integrating their pathologic and genetic features. I also was involved in clinical trials of VEGFR-2 inhibitor for advanced thyroid cancer patients. At the same time, I completed three-years of resident rotations in this hospital and became a certified physician. My experience as a clinical physician and investigator has given me great passion to further probe into the molecular mechanisms of cancer progression and metastasis, especially the interactions between tumor cells and their immuno-microenvironment.
  • Hometown: Shandong Province, China
  • Hobbies: Photography, swimming, jogging, cooking and hiking.