Program Details

The following program details apply to all summer interns with the exception of medical student interns. For more information on requirements for that program, please visit our Medical Student Research Internship Program page.

Program Timeline

Undergraduate students are required to complete their internships in one of two sessions in 2022:

  • Session I: TBD
  • Session II: TBD
Physical Demands

Assignments may involve the use of potentially hazardous chemicals, hazardous or radioactive materials or may be in areas where such materials are used. Adherence to safety policies and procedures along with proper storage and disposal methods are required.


The pay range for summer interns is based on a 10-week assignment at 40 hours per week. The pay rate is based on the number of credit hours completed.

Completed Credit Hours   Hourly Pay Rate
 < 30 Undergraduate  $11.00
 30 – 59 Undergraduate  $11.50
 60 – 89 Undergraduate  $12.00
 90 – 119 Undergraduate  $12.50
 120+ Undergraduate  $13.00
Summer Holidays

Student Interns are not eligible for holiday pay on the following days the Institute officially closes for business:

  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 30, 2022
  • Independence Day – Monday, July 4, 2022

Local area colleges/universities may have student housing available. Students are responsible for their own travel, housing, room and board.

GVSU:  https://www.gvsu.edu/internhousing/ 

  • Tentative Move-In Dates: May 2022   |   Specific Dates: TBD 
  • Tentative Move-Out Dates: August 2022   |   Specific Dates: TBD  

Aquinas:  https://www.aquinas.edu/residence-life 

  • Tentative Move-In Dates: May 2022 | Specific Dates: TBD  
  • Tentative Move-Out Dates: July 2022 | Specific Dates: TBD

If you require additional information on housing options, please contact Michelle Love at undergrad@vai.edu. 


Students have the option to purchase a $15 parking pass for the ramp on Michigan Ave., directly across from the Institute.